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If you want to change your room, first check all the possibilities using these free programs 

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in 3D Home | Comments Off on If you want to change your room, first check all the possibilities using these free programs 

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D 

This is the best option for more demanding customers, and if you are a person who likes to use more possibilities than average program this is a program for you. Online application is free for registration. For more advanced versions of Sweet Home 3D it can also be downloaded to your PC, processing and export plans of your house, for later storage.


The interface is complex and consists of 4 parts:  

yellow-gingerbread-slice1) Catalog of furniture in the upper left corner gives you fast selection of components. Similar to Windows Explorer, you can use drag and drop  method to insert components in the plan.

 2) Floor plan shows in 2D form the location of walls, doors and furniture.

3) 3D window displays your plan in 3D mode immediately after the changing in the floor plan. This is great thing since it helps in visualizing your own design.

4) Finally, a list of the furniture shows the dimensions of each component. It helps with furniture to the exact size you need.


Additionally, this software allows you to customize 3D models, if in the offered catalog you cannot find the desired piece of furniture. There is also an option for importing your unique models and implementing them into the plan. You can also import your own floor plan and draw on it a model on which you can continue to work, without any concerns or doubts. There is even an option that allows to go through your area and see how everything fits and blends. This program is very simple but it also offers some professional and more complex options for designers who are not in this just for fun.


800_600_85_0RoomSketcher is an online application which purpose is to help you in designing of your house- is easy to use even in its basic version, and most of all it’s completely free. Easy to use, and it will you provide the possibility of basic design, or redesign; your space. You can draw only one room or the entire apartment immediately. The entire interface is very easy to use. All works on the principle of drag-and-drop. It comes with a large collection of existing models of furniture that just drag on the position in the plan and so you can easily adjust the space the way you like it, change the arrangement of furniture and eventually capture a 3D image of the area.

6 Arrange-a-Room 

Program Arrange-a-Room provides a very simple changing shape of the room; adjusting the size of furniture, experimenting with style and colors and more. The disadvantages of this program exist, for example it is hard to set the correct size of the room, and there is a limited offer of furniture models, registration required.

Whatever program are you going to use the effect will be probably the same because you are going to rearrange the space in your own taste. The most important here is to enjoy and have fun.

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First see how it can look like then make a change! 

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in 3D Home | Comments Off on First see how it can look like then make a change! 

You are too tired of wandering in home depots searching for a good piece of furniture. You are tired of spending hours and hours on wondering whether some piece of furniture is going to fit in your space or not. 

Some kind of furniture could look very nice in the store but when you buy it and place it in your home you realize that your brand new mirror doesn’t go with lighting. This is the main reason for asking some help. There are companies whose job is to find virtual staging solutions. Your only job is to find and choose for example sofa and they will do the rest. On the other hand you can do it all by yourself using the free designing programs on the internet.

Design a Room

Fantastic-Bedroom-Design-Program-Including-Futuristic-Curved-Bed-and-Modern-Warm-Fireplace-Unique-Painting-French-DoorDon’t you hate when you have to pick up dozens of samples (materials) different shops and must try all combinations ? Problem solved!  A nice 3D virtual program that lets you try different combinations of colors parquet, cabinets, ceilings, walls, and even counters, in one word all for your home.

Design a Room, a free online 3D tool, give you options to choose a room in your home, and then select the style (ranging from contemporary, to traditional or to global fusion) and play with the colors, textures and patterns. The choice of patterns in the room can be a difficult task, but Armstrong lets you select from their galleries, and even allows you select the appropriate wall color – choose a color that goes well with cherry wood cabinets and ceramic floor tiles made of onyx on the floor.

This tool for interior design is for those who design rooms and want to see results before this! The best thing about these free online 3D tools is the ability to find information about the products before you buy them. Armstrong storage of floor and ceiling elements offers you education about the product. For example, when you are choosing a bathroom, the note says that the flooring is not recommended to be used in the bathroom. This allows the user to obtain a more realistic picture, not just making room that looks cool, but is not functional!


maxresdefaultAutodesk, creator of AutoCAD, Revit and 3ds Studio Max is the responsible for its programs for the building design of your office  or an apartment – it is well known by its name Homestyler. This program user-friendly and does not require specific education ,unlike other programs of this kind.

To make the plan, you need a simple mouse click and you will be able to specify dimensions, and even create and sloping walls within its design. It offers you a large selection of doors and windows and do not require previous knowledge of the species, spaces and the like. You have of course two possibilities to use a free version or to buy a professional one. This will probably depend on how difficult is your task.


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Home improvement – Decorating your kitchen 

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Home Improvement | Comments Off on Home improvement – Decorating your kitchen 

Home improvement


Home improvement can be done in many different ways, all the small repairs you do in your house are in fact home improvement. The most interesting part of home improvement is surely designing and decorating your house. Picking a modern or a classic style for your rooms, choosing wall color for every room, picking the furniture that will fit perfectly in your home and at last decorating it with items that reflect your preferences and personality.

11f198ed06329547_3195-w500-h666-b0-p0--traditional-kitchenWhen decorating and designing, you should pay attention on functionality and practicality of items you are buying, as well as your personal preferences. If you do not have an idea of what you should do, the best thing is to hire Interior designer or if you want something less luxurious, gather your closest friends and ask them for suggestions and new ideas, that way you will all enjoy time spent in your home, and it will reflect you and your friendly personality. Out of all the rooms in a house, kitchen is the one where we spend most of our time at home, especially if it is in the same room as living room. Kitchen is not only a room in which you are preparing and storing your food it is also the best room for family time, especially when you gather your loved ones around the kitchen isle for a breakfast or a cup of coffee.

If you do not have an idea of how would you like to decorate your kitchen, you can try one of these.

farmhouse-kitchenOpen shelving in your kitchen is the latest trend in kitchen designing, it can be risky if you have little children, and you will have to clean it more often, but it will pay off because of the outstanding look it will give to your whole house. Choose your kitchen items in a color of a kitchen, which is most often white and one other that is a little bit more cheerful and vibrant such as sky blue or orange and arrange them on your shelves. Paint your chairs in the same cheerful color as your kitchen items and your kitchen will be your favorite place to be.

If you want something a little more calming and natural, marble, wood, plants, grey and green color is what you will need. Choose a kitchen made of white wood, or in any other light and neutral color, mix it up with green or grey glass and marble, add some plants and there you go, a perfect natural look for kitchen that will remind you of winter and cold days, the perfect choice if you are a winter and nature lover.

The all white, or other monochromatic kitchen can be boring to your eyes and the eyes of your visitors, here is what you can do that will refresh your kitchen a little bit and also change its complete look. Painting the inside of your kitchen countertops in a bright vibrant color such as green or red, can give the whole new look to your kitchen just add some cloths in the same color and you are done with decorating your kitchen. Cheap but interesting way to change your house, isn’t it?

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How to redesign your wall – Wallpaper hints 

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Wallpaper Hints | Comments Off on How to redesign your wall – Wallpaper hints 

Wall Design


Redesigning room is always interesting task, although sometimes can be very difficult. Now, we will try to give you some information before you start your own redesigning.

The height of the room plus 5 to 10 cm for blending gives the correct path length. Note pattern! Only so many webs evenly with wallpaper paste (do not forget edges), as can be processed within 10 to 15 minutes. The tracks will be merged after the two-thirds (above) / one – third (below) method. All tracks have the same soft time obtained (details of the wallpaper manufacturer).

Explore the first track on the wall at right angles, so that all paths straight. Paper should always be with the light, so coming from the window side. The first track is mounted with a slight overhang at the ceiling to compensate any unevenness. Align to the vertical and press bubbles from the center. Off fuses! Remove covers on then paper and then with a sharp utility knife (cutter) cut free. Use covers.

Modern-Romantic-Striped-Wallpaper-Bedroom-Girls-Room-Wallpaper-For-Walls-Desktop-Wall-Paper-Pink-Purple-PapelIf necessary, use the seams with a conical, smooth steam roller press (not press with embossed or textured wallpapers over tighten!).Press on the wall, facing the wallpaper strip in the footer angle mark with a pencil and cut with a wallpapering scissors or a cutting aid (ruler). Creating and separating with a cutter knife wallpaper becomes supernatant. The wallpaper rolls in length crop, so that only 1 to 2 cm has to stick around the corner. Protruding part repeatedly cut and glue around the corner.

Window niches are next. The path from the lintel and on the window sill cut horizontally  and glue a few centimeters around the corner. Cut pieces of wallpaper for window reveal and attach to the outer corner. Likewise, the proceedings are defenestration. Avoid excessive heat and especially drafts. Optimal is a room temperature between 15 and 20 ° C.

zywjbbcjzmvzznvvdfqeTry to use useful tools. When wallpapering is the result is also influenced by the tools used. A blunt scissors or dull knife to pull the wallpaper edges, a favorable barrel-shaped steam roller may presses the glue on the edges off and the tracks can be solved again. Old, inadequately cleaned brushes dirt left shade etc. With good tool that you can work better by the hand and it will save you not only anger, but under certain circumstances, time and money.

A foldable, stable trestle table is for wallpapering an indispensable work surface. If a non-woven wallpaper stability or processed in the rolling papering process, no more tapestries. Is actually required, because the paste is simply applied to the wall and the wallpaper loaded directly from the roll into the paste bed. Ceiling always first! If space, for example is papered with woodchip under the blanket and patterned wallpaper on the walls, it should first be installed and the woodchip removed and only then the walls are papered.

Punk Your Room

Paper corners right away! On large wall surfaces, get wallpapering most swiftly and effortlessly. Tedious and time-consuming is the case only when niches and projections, soffits and corners are papered.

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Repaint today! Do it yourself tips 

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Repaint | Comments Off on Repaint today! Do it yourself tips 

Repaint Tips


As in so many things, good preparation can save a lot of time and nerves even when repainting. What good is it if the new painting is indeed done quickly, but the paint to peel already after a short time pull the reworking for the removal of ink splashes from the floor, the work in the length?As varied as the colors, so varied are their applications. It is important that the color of executed reached only where it belongs. Nothing is worse than the hours of removing dry paint splatters or impure color edges. The most important tool here is the best painter’s tape to cover surfaces and to produce clean edges.

ds_tape_diycontest_aleciaIn order to meet different application needs, and the crepe tapes must have different properties. Inside is the classical painter’s tape securing protection and clean, straight edges achieved color. The crepe can be removed within three days residue-free and is suitable for all emulsion paints. It is available in 19, 30 and 50 millimeters wide. A role usually delivers 50 meters crepe.

If the ground is rough or is an arc or a tight turn be taped to an elastic crepe offers. It is very strong creped and can be easily stick by stretching the tape in curves thus. To avoid color runners, it should be ensured that the tape before pressing is well pre-stretched.

e155e5faa3872fbf6f01d02a216e5488The portions that are going to be painted in different colors are thoroughly taped with classic or elastic crepe. To further seal the edge it is primed with the background color along the crepe Knew. It is important to ensure that the border is everywhere “tight”. After drying again, the taped area can then be painted in the desired color. Subtracting the crepe after drying off, results in a clean edge without color runner.

Painter’s tape for window is weather and UV-resistant and can be up to eight weeks later removing any residue. That makes it the perfect helper when painting of windows and doors.

The crepe is 30 millimeters wide, as a rule. If the ground next to the window or the door is very sensitive, such as printed paper wallpaper, the application of appropriate specialty crepes  is strongly recommends. Specific requirements for painter’s tapes provide the paints. Paints are offset particularly low viscosity and partly solvent. For this purpose, there are painter’s tapes for paints, which consist of a thin, paint colors resistant film and also make it possible to smooth substrates, mask off a flat and precise paint edge with no color runs.



If the ceiling has to be deleted and / or the space is too small to rearrange the furniture, large areas need to be protected against splashes. Here create cover sheets remedy. In order to simplify the cumbersome attaching the fluttering sheets, you can “Easy Cover” film use, combine the crepe band and color density film. The film is loaded statically and swings so on to the surfaces to be protected. An annoying fluttering of the film is prevented. Running down color is broken by the special micro structure of the film. “Easy Cover” comes in a practical dispenser with separating blade and enables accurate masking color for clean edges and protection of larger areas in one. The dispenser is even refillable. For larger projects, the purchase is worth definitely!

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Home improvement – Bedroom decorating ideas

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Comments Off on Home improvement – Bedroom decorating ideas


Whether you bought a new apartment or a house and you want to design its interior perfectly, or you just want to redecorate your old one, you have to know a few things first. If you are not a professional, take your time to learn about latest trends and designs in home decorating, when you decide for a style – modern, classic, luxurious or a humble one, you should pay attention on the items you will need and their quality.


Quality and price of the furniture and other items for your rooms are often the only things people pay attention too while buying, the most expensive things are not always the best ones. Ask around for the quality of the things you buy, do not just ask the vendors, they will always say that their product is the best. Also pay attention to practicality of these things and their ability to function normally. Now that you know what to pay attention to and how to chose your products, we will present you a few things for your bedroom that should be mandatory.

1. Choose a theme for your bedroom. Choosing a theme for bedrooms surely was your childhood wish, princess and football themed bedrooms were on the top of the wish-list of every child, now that you are adult, these themes won’t be so suitable, but the stripe or square theme can be a perfect choice for your bedroom. If you chose stripes, make sure they are not all of the same width or color. Also make them go in all directions, that will give your bedroom warm but interesting look.

2. Throw pillows, two is a too few pillows, and yet six or seven are too many. Make sure you guess the right amount of throw pillows on your bed, two sets of pillows is the best choice, also choose pillows of different colors, patterns and textures, it will make your room a little bit more stylish. 3. A comfortable, cushy rug. Other than giving your room the cozy and warm look, it will make you thankful when you have to step out of your bed and step onto the soft, warm rug instead of cold floor.

4. Open shelving with your favorite items that will reflect personalities of you and your significant other. Souvenirs you bought together on your travels and adventures, the gifts that have certain meaning to you and decorations that will make your best memories flow when you step into your room.

Perfect mattress


5. Perfect mattress is the most important thing to have in your bedroom. Sleep is the thing you need as much as air and food, having a good night sleep will make you feel relaxed and ready for new challenges every day. Having a good night sleep won’t be possible if you do not have the most comfortable and big mattress, no matter if your room is small or big, it always has place for a big mattress. A high headboard above your bed is a must have if you want your room to feel a little bit more luxurious.

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